Working Group

In September 2020, the BANFF NATIONAL PARK NET ZERO 2035 Working Group was formed to exchange and advance ideas on the initiative. The group is comprised of key stakeholders from all levels of government, the visitor economy, and researchers who are experts in gathering the data and identifying the technologies needed to drive science-based change.


Dr. Dave Layzell
Professor, University of Calgary; Director, Canadian Energy Systems Analysis Research

Led U of C’s Integrated Infrastructure for Sustainable Cities program in 2019 on transformational core initiatives for Banff vehicle management.

Dr. Joe Pavelka
Professor of Ecotourism, Mount Royal University

Conducted multiple visitor and resident surveys on congestion in Banff over many years including 2019 and 2020.

Janice Price
President & CEO, Banff Centre for Arts & Creativity

Alberta’s only specialized arts and culture institution with additional focus on Indigenous arts and leadership, mountain culture and the environment.

Dan Wicklum
CEO, The Transition Accelerator

Transition Accelerator led 2019 and 2020 transportation emissions studies in Banff, including passenger rail, aerial transit, and baseline for the Park.

Peter Zimmerman
Principal, PKZ Group Inc.

Environmental Consultant and former Parks Program Supervisor for the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS) Southern Alberta.

Three Levels of Government

Municipal: Kelly Gibson
Chief Administrative Officer, Town of Banff

Leads the Town of Banff’s own initiatives on reducing emissions and mass transit.

Provincial: David Knight Legg
CEO, Invest Alberta Corporation

Invest Alberta’s mandate includes advancing “high-impact projects” and they are involved in the Calgary airport to Banff passenger rail project.

Federal: Charles Todd
Managing Director, Canada Infrastructure Bank (CIB)

Leads CIB’s potential investment in the Calgary airport to Banff passenger rail and CIB’s electric bus investment program—potential to finance Banff shuttle systems.

Banff’s Largest Employers

Gord Lozeman
CEO, Banff Caribou Properties

Banff’s largest hotel company with 12 hotels and a total of 20 businesses.

Mike Mendelman
CEO, Banff Hospitality Collective

Banff’s largest restauranteur with 16 restaurants.

Larkin O’Connor
President, Canadian Rocky Mountain Resorts

CRMR has three hotels across the Park including one in the Banff townsite and two outside.

Andrew Quenneville
General Manager, Mt. Norquay Ski and Sightseeing Resort

Norquay is the only ski and sightseeing destination immediately adjacent to the Banff townsite.

Jan Waterous
Managing Partner, Liricon Capital

Former communications executive, 23-year Banff resident, self-described “private sector catalyst” for BANFF NATIONAL PARK NET ZERO 2035.

Adam Waterous
Chairman, Liricon Capital

Chair, Banff Centre for Arts & Creativity, 23-year Banff resident, self-described “systems disruptor” to advance BANFF NATIONAL PARK NET ZERO 2035

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We are a do tank.