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We are taking a science-based approach to drive action toward achieving Banff National Park Net Zero 2035.

Make the Journey part of the holiday: An interview with Zermatt Mayor Romy Biner-Hauser

Car-free Zermatt is on pace to be the first mountain destination in the world to be net-zero. In July 2021, Jan and Adam Waterous had an inspirational meeting with the town’s Mayor, Romy Biner-Hauser. Zermatt shares many similarities with Banff (population of 6,000; 2.2 million overnight visitors in 2019) and is, by far, the world’s most sustainable mountain destination. In a Zoom conversation with the Waterhaus’, Mayor Biner-Hauser speaks to Zermatt’s car-free, eco-village experience


Lessons from Vail: paid parking rates to support vehicle and visitor management

Vail has lots of lessons for Banff when it comes to vehicle and visitor management. Particularly, their paid parking strategy to support its pedestrian-only central business district indicates that Town of Banff has room to increase rates to encourage the use of free intercept parking. In summer months, Vail’s low season, the town is charging more than eight times Banff’s hourly rate.

  • Summer Parking: Vail encourages visitors to utilize free intercept parking (located a short 8 – 12 minute walk from the town centre) in three structures with a total of over 2,200 stalls. All other parking in Town is paid parking (located closer to the town centre) and owned either by the Town of Vail or private operators. Summer paid parking in Vail is $20USD/hour and $60USD for 3+ hours.
  • Winter Parking: Town of Vail, in its three structures, provides the first two hours free and $10USD/hour after that. Winter parking closer to town is same as summer at $20USD/hour.


Transforming Banff into North America’s first net-zero emissions community

Discover how initiatives such as a shuttle-only service to points of interest, passenger rail and aerial transit have the potential to significantly decrease transportation and overall greenhouse gase (GHG) emissions within a park system. Download a summary of a recently published report on solutions that can be applied to Banff National Park.



This report is authored by Dr. David Layzell, a leading academic authority on new technology emissions reductions. This summary by the Transition Accelerator shares data and insights on solutions that can be applied to Banff National Park.


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