New study shows Banff National Park has highest transportation greenhouse gas emissions of any National Park in North America

A new research report shows that Banff National Park, the 6th most visited National Park in North America, has transportation greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) five times higher than the Grand Canyon, the National Park in the U.S. with the highest transportation-based emissions. The report also highlights that Banff National Park has per visitor transportation GHGs that are 63 times higher than Zion National Park.


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Insights from Banff’s biggest employers, the Town and its Federal and Provincial government counterparts, leading academics, and more will help us better understand actions that can help this tourist town transition to net zero and create transformational solutions valuable to communities across Canada.


Transforming Banff into North America’s first net-zero emissions community

Discover how initiatives such as a shuttle-only service to key points of interest, passenger rail and aerial transit have the potential to significantly decrease transportation and overall greenhouse gases within a park system. Download a summary of a recently published report on solutions that can be applied to Banff National Park.


Read Banff National Park Net Zero coverage in The Globe and Mail

Reporter Kelly Cryderman spoke with BANFF NATIONAL PARK NET ZERO 2035 Working Group members Jan Waterous, Managing Partner for Liricon Capital, and David Knight Legg, CEO of Invest Alberta, about a range of proposed public transportation initiatives for Banff National Park.


CBC covers BANFF NATIONAL PARK NET ZERO 2035’s bold plan

Jan Waterous, Managing Partner for Liricon Capital, spoke with CBC’s senior business reporter Don Pittis about how BANFF NATIONAL PARK NET ZERO 2035’s approach can both cut greenhouse gas emissions and improve the visitor experieince. Click below to read an excerpt from the larger article.


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